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baaderyesterday i watched the german movie baader – the story of andreas baader, gudrun ensslin and ulrike meinhof in the early 70’s, the birthing hours of the german terrorist group RAF. its a great movie, great cast too [laura tonke! *melt*], but it did take some fictional liberties in the end, so after i went online to check the facts.
i discovered the fantastic website [and a new hero].
andreas grohl, the creator of, has in my sense created the perfect information website [all that might be missing is an english version].
but the way the navigation is constructed and the information is presented here is quite amazing. crispy clear.
it contains all the info available about the RAF, many sourcematerials in images, quotes, manifestos and text. timelines, bios, bibliography, filmography…
a huge effort! 100% paypal worthy.
there is even a desktop image available, that landed guess where now…
raf wallpaper

edit: RAF documentary black box brd 22.03.2004 22.15 – 23.55 arte

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