chuck palahniuk online

chuck palahniuk live online march 16 at 4pm @ the guardian unlimited

edit: chuck was there! on 56 k modem that kept kick him out the system. so i missed his answer to my question… but its there…

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quite liked reading guts actually… plus: it gave me an excuse to buy playboy, but uhm. in the guardian interview a few days ago i read that you are keeping count of how many people fainted while you read guts.
whats that about?


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Hello Piece,

We seen to have this idea that books must be nice, nice objects that sit on the shelf until it’s time for them to bore us to sleep. Laura Bush even said this on the Oprah show…

The fact is, books can be the most cutting edge of our culture. They’re consensual — like fight club was. No one has to broadcast them on TV or radio. No, you must make an effort to read them. So books can deal with stories that other mass media never could.

Yet, we waste this freedom. We write nice books. Well, my goal is to use the freedom.

I will stand at the opposite side of the spetrum from Rosamund Piltcher (whom my Mom LOVES) and write about dark, funny stuff. BECAUSE I CAN.

I never believe the stories about how Dickens would read aloud and people would faint. Now, I’ve seen the power that words CAN HAVE. The power they DO have.

I love the power of words — no music or special effects — and I want to demonstrate that power.

Afterward, I give out presents (including tiaras, severed rubber legs, and jewelry) because people need the comic relief.

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