murder of the high #C

dj ramax is preparing a dj set of “bad music” for this party 29.3. @ reitschule/bern.
so i was looking around a bit…
and i found my all time bad music favorite online: sarah foster jenkins: queen of the night aria – wait till she tries to hit the high #C *outch*
tons more outchy funny music @ april

mrs millers hard day’s night [recently hailed as the worst beatles cover ever]?

or how about downtown by said mrs miller [try to hold out till she starts whisteling]?

i love little pussy?

grunge classics black hole sun and smells like teen spirit turned to mucky sludge?

jerry springer singing hey mr. tambourine man?

chipmunks vs. beatles?

i wanna hold your hand in german?

sugar hill gang in german?

eilart pilarm [sweden’s foremost because only elvis impersonator] doing it hard to in the ghetto?

money, money, money in hindi?

danger woman whose name should be warning enough not to click that link?!

luie luie says by way of introduction: i came here to tell you about a new dance called the touchy?

and there is so much more greatest bad stuff. to sum up april winchell is the queen of bad music! [and i worship you, april winchell! can i have your baby? err or… uhm nevermind]

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