quick and dirty linkage

find your ideal job – just type in your name:
here are some interesting results: george w. bush – traffic clamper; tony blair – lollipop person; karol wojtyla: cat burglar; yours truely: astrologist [which just goes to show who is the “sanest” person in this particular lot]

2004 wired rave awards – some of it is interesting [why the flaming lips? as in why this year? music], some of it is very revealing of where wired stands these days… peter jackson???

this is what it sounds like when howard stern starts his anti-bush campaign? oddly cool?

i am not sure about this and this but i wanna check it out on broadband soon…

[almost all links via pixelsurgeon] while missie w.s is still in the process of trying to load… the slowest loading blog? but so worth it 😉 [yeah i am in 56k hell on dial-up again these days…]

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