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i have mentioned BitTorrent a few times before here. but i cant seem to rave enough about this incredible peer-2-peer distributed network software. its really quite simple to run, the huge files = entire movies, tv series, ps2-games, music cd’s – are broken down into small bits, that get passed back and forth between users. you upload as you download. you download as you upload. software and all the info is found here. is a good place to start looking for the torrents, which are the small executable files that will start the download.
here’s a BitTorrent FAQ

plucker claims to be “the only way to carry the web in your pocket” [seems true for now, at last till wifi’s will be more widely available and more content be readable on palm devices]. with plucker you can create channels of websites that get updated often and load these onto your palm device to read them offline. its as simple as synching yer palm with the pc. amazing! this is especially good when you, as me, happen to hang out in 56k hell… [thanx missie w.]

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