doing nothing

“it is not the world that needs to change, we must change. it is not the world which is too complex, we are. politicians, priests, and corporations do not hold back a humane, compassionate world, we do.
we are the politicians in our daily negotiations and dishonesties as we buy friendship, marriage, and family with compromise. we are the priests as we ritualize our lives, as we refuse to examine the concepts and images by which we live. we are the corporations because we pollute, we are wasteful, we are greedy, so that we will be secure and profit in our lives at the expense of others.
there is a very simple discovery that we may make as we investigate the nature of our world. this discovery is that while it may appear that we are just in the world, we find that we are the world.”

from doing nothing by steven harrison isbn 0-87477-941-3

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