FAQ / Who He?

FAQ / Who He?

Frequently Asked Questions in this case are questions, that nobody ever asked, because nobody ever does ask anything, but everybody could have asked, if you catch my drift.

Who are you??

me me meeeeeeee

My name is Jan Zuppinger aka pieceoplastic.
I have been married to Franziska Nyffeler since 1999, we live in Bern, Switzerland, of all places.
I am a trained social worker, who suffered from burn-out syndrome, before it became trendy, then converted himself into an internet generalist. My main interests online have always evolved around the social aspect of the web, how do people interact, share, communicate, how do they use the online tools, how they convey emotion and stories.
My focus has now shifted to ecological activism, in particular the Urban Agriculture movement.
I am currently trying to build a self-sustainable farm in the city, while juggling my gadgets to stay in touch with all the fantastic things happening on the interentz. And the scary shit too.

Whats your problem?

If only i knew. I am still in the process of trying to figure that one out. Once i have, I promise i will let you know. By finally shutting up.

Is there anything interesting about you?

Nope. See? I am a marvel of narcissistic understatement. I practice self-depreciation as an art form.

Internet since?

1995. So yes. A very late bloomer. I am one of the slightly early adapters, who tend to discover things five minutes before the masses, this might well be my eternal predicament.

What’s with the name PieceoPlastic?

When i was registering my yahoo account I happened to listen to a DJ-Mix I was working on at the time, where i had used the following 3 stooges sample: pieceoplastic sample. The way Curly – or is it Joey? – says pieceahplastic inspired me to register as pieceoplastic. And it stuck. People over the years have mostly sexualised my moniker, thinking it was referring to dildos, tupperware and/or other fetish items. While in actuality it’s records. Good old boring vinyl records. Old school. Like me. And of course, plastic is evil. And a piece of plastic is a little piece of evil.

When will you ever grow up?

I gave up wanting to grow up quite a few years ago, when i turned 30 to be precise. It’s not about that. Actually if growing up means losing the ability to see things with a sense of wonder and with innocent curiosity, I think I never want to grow up. Beginners mind, zen type shit, dig?

Why do you blog?

I pretty much stopped, but it’s still too much, for someone who basically has nothing to say.
I know.
Can someone please cease & desist, sue or shoot me to make it stop?

Or asked differently, what qualities do you presume to have to justify clogging up our bandwidth with your useless babble?

This is exactly my question! The short and brutal answer, nothing.
But i figure it beats writing a book and cutting down trees to print the bastard, no?

Why do you blog in English? Your English is the worstest, dude

Again, i have to agree there. It was a decision I took, when I started this blog in November 2002 and ever since then it has been a blog with an identity crisis. Switching now seems impossible. Yet the international dialogue I hoped for never started to happen.

Don’t you have any friends?

Again, somebody please cease & desist, sue or shoot me, fast, or else I really might have no friends left.

Please send me your questions. I will answer all questions. Truth or dare.

About the Author

Jan Zuppinger has been writing this blog since 2002. He likes to grow vegetables. He likes to eat them too. He has opinions on everything, but sadly no one cares. Jan Zuppinger is not joking, just joking, he is joking, just joking, he's not joking. *click.