* Quicktime crippled with version 7: now the upgrade nags have become so important that QT is almost not usable anymore. why not charge more for osX yet have pro included?

* suing bloggers for publishing “secrets”: pissed alot of people of, permanently. and the immediate consequence is even worse. bloggers, unlike journalists now have to reveal their sources.

* iPods almost only work using iTunes. and on the other hand music downloaded from iTunes only works on iPods. if i can’t burn them onto a data cd to play on my mp3 cd player i think the DRM is wrong! (might not be DRM, but AAC-Files…)


* when registering for online gaming at central station the system makes assumptions about your language settings based on the country you live in. but what if say i am and english speaker living in switzerland. the only way i could switch my language settings was by claiming i lived in the UK…

* PSP v2 firmware upgrade disables all emulators, apps and games people have started to build.


* all phones have different batteries and charging systems. but they all use the same connector on the bottom (since the first ones…)


* hyping the PS3, overpricing it, and not even offering all the announced features, is this bye bye sony?


* too many to mention

* steve balmer


* new phones are announced so far ahead of time that it is buzz overkill and even i might by one by the competition soon. N91! now!

* some of the recent design experiments were too out there even for me

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