paypal censors

sometime last year i added a paypal donation button to my blog – just because i could. i guess i was exited about the possibility that someone could make a donation, if they liked my website. naturally nobody ever did. and to be honest, i never expected anyone to. but still. back then it seemed like you gotta have a paypal donation button on your blog.

i did use my paypal account quite often to make payments to others. i purchased cd’s, software, or made donations for services like my moblog and i even made a few donations to websites i really enjoyed. plus i did sell a few cd’s using my paypal account. but i never once received a donation. and at that point i still made this distinction between donations and other payments. a destinction i am sure most other people make as well… but more on that later.

fastforward to june 2004, when i received an email informing me that my paypal account had been limited.

at first i thought this was a spoof. remember how for awhile fake emails were circulating, that tried to lure users onto websites phishing for their usernames and passwords. well, i received this email around that time. okay, probably a few month later. but i seriously thought i had received a spoof email. i did not click no link in there and i even reported the email to the corresponding channels.

but then, a few month later, which just goes to show that i am not a high-profile paypal user, i tried to make a payment using my payment account and i was informed that my paypal had been “limited”. whats that? i thought to myself as my heart sank into my pants. shriek. what have i done wrong? the corresponding button lead me to a site that told me in very general terms that a recent review of my account had uncovered some … activity on my account, for which reason my account had been limited. what that meant is that i could not receive nor make payments untill this was resolved. i immediately wrote my first of many emails inquiring what was going on. meanwhile i was raking my memory for objectable content i might have bought using paypal. the bootleg cd’s? or was it the donation to the RAF information website i had made?


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