welcome wow here we go now *gasp*


well itz been quite a struggle, but here i finally am: on the blog!
this is it:
we gotz time now and we wansta get going …
what about?
well itz an open format so do whatchu please.
i welcome new users.
itz cool to blog togetha …. innit

this whole month i am taking a time out.
in the swiss mountains, mind you.
beautiful house. great area. sauna inhouse.
the weather has been good.
what are you doing there, some people have asked me?
i dont know!
just stuff
i wanted to get some stuff started, like this blog for instance …

there are these moments where i wonder…
what am i doing inside all day, staring into this powerBook [jap] all day long,
hustling around with digital media ?
itz beautiful weather out, you should get out more, jan [thats my other name!],
says one voice in my head.
but no, this is good, this is relevant, says the other one.
this goes on for awhile in my head …
and i still sit here
as you can now read …
if you happen to stumble here please feel free to help me get this started …
we likez …
ready for digital nirvana ???

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Jan Zuppinger has been writing this blog since 2002. He likes to grow vegetables. He likes to eat them too. He has opinions on everything, but sadly no one cares. Jan Zuppinger is not joking, just joking, he is joking, just joking, he's not joking. *click.