oh boy, i missed my blog-anniversary…

typical. i totally forgot my blog-anniversary. on november 13. this blog turned eight years old! on november 13. 2002 i had started it with this rather embarrassing post. and yes, it is sad to see, that my english hasn’t improved much since…

when i first started my blog i was ecstatic about this new medium, giddy to join “the global conversation”. 2002 does not make me a super early adapter, but for a swiss blog i was quite early. it took me a few years to even know any other swiss bloggers, other than my mate from previous endeavors, wurzeltod.

for a while it was totally exiting to be a part of this …erm… movement? no, i read much too much into it, but back then i did see it as a media-revolution. a few years later we decided to organize the first swiss blog awards as a sort of community event, but that turned out to be a huge disappointment. still a few years later i found my dream job at a local newspaper to join their online team, with a focus to support their blogs, but i only lasted six months there.

since then i have fallen silent… just one of many blogs who are no longer really maintained.

my posts are few and far between now, but at least the blog is not dead. i keep it in shape, the software is up to date, i even tinker with the design sometimes, yes, it still looks like shit, but i keep going, just because. and i publish at the very least one post each week, even if it is only my linkdump.

yes, i am disillusioned with blogs. but in a way i now use it as intended, as a personal web log in the sense of a public online journal, where i keep some of my thoughts and links, sometimes post a rant, not caring if anyone ever reads it. and probably no one does. and that’s fine.

i have turned into the metaphorical “rufer in the wüste”, as we say in german, the guy shouting in the desert, where no one will hear him. but let’s face it, i have nothing really interesting, nor really original, to say. i mean, who wants to listen to some depressed guy with no career, moaning and fast approaching his 50th birthday… exactly.

but as warren ellis points out in his recent wired.co.uk column, if the gangsters in chicago now use blogs to communicate police abuse in the streets, the medium is very much alive and thriving. and finally used as intended. to give a voice people, who actually have something to say. less blahg, more blawg.

i stopped being a club dj when i turned 40. in two years i will turn 50. that will probably be a good time to stop this blog, i will deffo be too old for this. so i’m afraid the internetz will have to bare with me for two more years here. but i can promise, i will keep my word count low…

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