sheep are evil

sheep are evilsheep are evil
two simple images randomly posted together @ moblog and *slam bam* we have a mathematical definition of why sheep are evil:

“Evil = not Good. And furthermore, I can prove that sheep in the picture above is evil.

sheep in picture above
= sheep + pointy teeth
= (wool + mutton) + pointy teeth

since good + evil = neutral = 0, it can be added to one side of the equation.

(wool + mutton) + pointy teeth + neutral + neutral
= wool + mutton + pointy teeth + good + evil + good + evil


= wool + evil + mutton + good + pointy teeth + good + evil

as wool is a inherently good concept, wool + evil =0.
similarly, as mutton is evil, mutton + good = 0. As it can be seen from this example sheep are generally of a neutral persuasion.

This leaves us with:

sheep in picture above
= neutral + neutral + pointy teeth + good + evil
= pointy teeth + good + evil

The pointy teeth above are obviously not designed to be for the forces of good, hence they must be evil.

Thus pointy teeth + good = 0
leaving us with:

sheep in picture above
= evil.


cant say i got that but it does sound very true!

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