that damn i-really-should-sell-my-car movie

yesterday i went to see the oh-gosh-i-really-should-sell-my-car movie.
but then i started to wonder why everybody [well, everybody except dubya bush of course] seems to diss cars and fossil fuels nowadays and nobody mentions beef and sheep and goats and cows?
why is that?
is the meat industry lobby still the holy cow? errr… in a manner of speaking. why are people’s diets an ever greater taboo than their cars? like, dont touch my plate, dude…

well, let me burst your bubble [if it aint burst already] *rubs hands*: its a confirmed fact that the cattle raising industry alone produces more harmful co2 than all cars taken together [its in their poo in the form of methane]. and not to mention the rainforests in southamerica that get clearcut each year in order to raise cattle for only one or two years [forrests could counteract the co2 overproduction] …

so do sell you cars, but also: go veg!

its fun even: here’s vegweb – the most amazing vegetarian website that lets you select a menu, save it in your menubox and even save and print the grocery list. perfect!
and if your lonely and need a vegetarian lover here’s – a free of charge dating service!!! [its not like i am looking, but i simply had to register… ;-)]
and, lets face it guys, the most creative restaurants worldwide are vegetarian: millenium, san franciscojoia, milanocafe paradiso, cork

and with that i’ll stop preaching. i’m sorry its that movies fault…

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