adbuster calls for submissions

Please join us in a crazy, yet profound, journey into a radical new future.

Imagine this… you wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the Dow Jones has just plunged 2,000 points. Trading has been halted. Over the next few weeks:

* Major stock markets around the world crash
* Banks close
* Supermarket shelves are half-empty
* Power is intermittent, gasoline hard to find, email sporadic

Violent gangs and bandits roam the streets. People move to the country – if they can. Governments try to maintain order, yet it appears that the old globalized order is gone, if not forever, then for a long, long time.

Six months later, you hear that Adbusters is working on a post-crash issue. We are sending out word that we can see a positive trend in what happened: innovative survival strategies are emerging, along with thriving local economic systems; borders are being redrawn on bioregional lines. We have a chance to create the new world that we’ve always dreamed about.

Can you take a mental trip into this strange future? Can you imagine what life would be like? Where did you end up? How did you survive? What are you doing now? Send us a lament, a vision, a poem, something mystical. What are the best post-crash jokes going around? What have you seen or heard in your neighborhood?

Or send us a how-to tip. How do you cook, clean your teeth, keep your computer running? How do you kill a chicken?

No more than 250 words please: be creative and be authentic. The next issue will be a compilation of the best stories sent in, and each published contribution will receive three brand new Adbusters 2005 calendars.

email to kalle[at]adbusters[dot]org

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