mr. scruff’s word of advice to aspiring djs

Be prepared to take a lot of time. To djs especially– take chances and concentrate on what’s important to you. Don’t do what every other dj does, and realise that mixing isn’t anywhere near the most important aspect of djing. It’s about playing good tunes in the right order. So many djs just get into it because of the technical aspects and it gets extremely tedious. Don’t be afraid to leave gaps and change the tempo and take risks. Djs play what they want, not what they think that people want to hear. People are open–minded and intelligent and love to appreciate different kinds of music. It doesn’t have to be mixed together. A lot of people say ‘oh I can’t play that it won’t mix in’, but if there’s a good tune, play it. If you don’t take any risks it won’t pay off because you won’t learn anything.

a very wise man, the mr. scruff!
[via pixelsurgeon: mr. scruff interview]

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