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in reaction to my recent post a flash from the past re: political artists from the 90’s i received the following info via email:

Seth Tobocman’s new website is at … WW3 Illustrated is on issue #35 – “Life During Wartime” – which was just released June 30, 2004… Christopher Cardinale -> -> did the cover artwork… Needless to say, WW3 Illustrated is put out about 2x a year now… They are sold here -> on Top Shelf @

Also, Seth and other artists have a Political Arts Collective WW3 Arts in Action ->

As well as Seth and other artists are collaboratively putting an art show entitled ‘3 Cities Against the Wall’ that will be sometime early 2005… It is slated to show in Tel Aviv, Ramallah and New York City…

Plus some other cool artists that are in the WW3 Illustrated Issue #35…
Kevin Pyle –
Mac McGill –
Peter Kuper –
Rebecca Migdal –
Sabrina Jones –

“Anarchism does not mean bloodshed; it does not mean robbery, arson, etc. These monstrosities are, on the contrary, the characteristic features of capitalism. Anarchism means peace and tranquility to all.”

cheerz a bunch, anarchist6913

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