bush’s 2nd term: the nightmare continues

it was all just a bad dream - photoshoppery

believe me, i really did try to find something witty to photoshop. but i couldn’t. its too tragic.

for awhile there in the late 90’s and early 2000’s it felt like the people could finally get their voices heard, like they could make a difference and the internet was the perfect tool for it. corporations had to actually watch out what they were doing – toywar, nike, shell – as protests and boycotts were getting organised via this great decentralised medium, bottom-up, in a truely democratic fashion. it felt as if finally the consumers had found power through these interactions on all levels online. and there was even the hope to start influencing politics towards a more human, environmentalist and social agenda.

but with the bush re-election those dreams were crushed for good, and we were stuck with an even bigger nightmare than ever before. millions of americans gave the rest of the world the collective finger and a big “nobody tells us what to do”.
and now look, even corporations are starting to behave more and more naughty again. even apple, the former model-child, is behaving worse than it ever has before.
the empire is truely striking back.

jibjab.com has made a kinda funny anim called the second term. if only i could laugh…

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