undeletable MT

this morning, after posting these nasty anti-mac thingsies – while working on a mac – i got kinda nervous and decided to do a data backup.
its been months. again.
i suck at backup…

but anyway, thats not the point here.
each time i do a backup i stumble over this MT [MovableType] folder, that i can’t seem – for the life of me – be able to delete from my HD.
and believe me i have tried.

so, i had another go this morning. not possible!
it just sits there, locked, cant unlock it, cant even get rid of it using unix commands… not even as *shiverz* sudo or root or cunt. nunt. MT folder does not budge.

so i spent another 1/2 hour, in vain, trying to ban MovableType out of my life for good…

thing is, i have downloaded this a good 2 1/2 years ago, when i was looking at various blog scripts.
before deciding to go for, then b2, now WordPress. and sticking with it – all the way!

[now finally with “nice” permalinks like so: http://pieceoplastic.com/index.php/1598/queer-beer-naive-politcians/ (typos included!) – this allows me to switch time-stamp of my posts if i need to – and no-www.com class B (B for best] or sumink, thanx to much help from the one and only s–s sis babbler]


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