trying to go legit with software – part1

traktor is a great piece of dj software, that i have been “testdriving” for quite awhile now. and since i really like it – and have started to use it often to produce my podcasts – i thought it was time to go legit and buy the latest upgrade to version 2.6.

but what an adventure this might turn out to be…

the first in a serie of bummers is to realise that they do not offer a download version. some onlineshops for software let you choose, if you want it sent to you by snailmail or if you prefer to just to download the installer. i always opt for the latter. who needs the fucking box and the manual is much handier in the form of a pdf, searchable, small, always where i need it to be, like, right here on my computer – for instance say if i work on a mix on the train, what good is the manual that sits at home on paper?
not so traktor.

but anyway, there is no choice here, so i order the software to be sent to me. the shipping cost, of course, gets added to the hefty 199.00 euro pricetag, but lets not even get into that aspect of it.
i place my order for traktor last friday, meaning a good week ago. after placing my order i am informed that it will take approximately 5 days to get delivered. please note, 5 days, not 5 workdays is what it says.
great, i say to myself, with already a strong suspicion that this will actually work out. but the automated email confirmation repeats the same info, so things are looking good.

on monday, meaning 3! days later, i receive an email informing me that it will take 4 to 6 days for the software to get here. hmmm.
well, lets stay optimistic, i tell myself, since they don’t change it to 2 – 3 weeks they might know what they are doing?
but each day the postman passes without my package.
as of this writing it is sunday, a good 10 days have passed since i first placed my order, and still i have not received anything.
so lets see how this goes…

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