logowarriors.com .org .net – anyone?

logowarriors errr logo

hmmm. what to do about this?

a few years ago we registered the domains logowarriors.com, logowarriors.org & logowarriors.net. the plan was to start a platform for anti-globalist designers and their logos. my partner franziska made a first layout, which i still think is looking very good. we added some content, under collages and online space. the idea was to ask people to send us their collages and logos that would then automatically appear online. there would also be a message board/blog and a few other community tools.
but then we kinda got discouraged and stopped working on it. what if it would not work and nobody was interested? plus technically we were still too clumsy back then to do this propperly as a dynamic website using php/mysql. then we got busy doing other things… as you would, innit?

now. every year the bill comes in and every year i keep paying it.
but uhm, this is clearly going nowhere.
maybe somebody out there would be interested to help me/us get this project started?

maybe one question here: if you had to give up 2 of the 3 uri which one would you keep?
logowarriors.com, logowarriors.net or logowarriors.org?

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