werenotafraid.com – in case you wonder

Bronxelf expresses it like so [and i am too tired to come up with even one coherent sentence]:

“If anyone is here from the We’re Not Afraid site and is wondering why they can’t navigate around and further wondering why we don’t have a message up on the site explaining the problem:

We can’t get into the site either.

The site has been HAMMERED, bandwidth-wise due to today’s publicity (Alfie has been on television non-stop today.) and has locked itself up tight. You can get to the first page but that seems to be about it. For the moment, we can’t get in on the admin backend, either. We’re in the same position as everyone else is, which is why we can’t post a message explaining the problem.

Please continue to send your photos– those come to us directly and we are just editing pictures in the meantime since we can’t do much else. We will get the photos rolling again as soon as we can.”

also: the we’re not afraid shop is open for business. all proceeds will go to a relief fund. we are still deciding which one.

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