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:flash: one blog created every second – according to the bbc, via technorati, we are now up to one blog per second… impressive. [via joi]

:flash: top 100 swiss blogs – well lookee here, bitflux published this list a few days ago and already i retrograded. i guess some guys already got the hang of how to manipulate the list. when i first checked i was in the top 20, now 22. oh well… and how come is a swiss blog? [please note how i did not link to it, of course ;-)] ps: anyone reading this who has never linked to me? now is the time! puuuhlllease… i’ll pay you! no really!

:flash: 2 3 swiss bloggers eligible for swiss minister of cultureluci and leu. i voted luci, strictly for aesthetical reasons. i mean, those glasses. *faints*
edit: apparently peter a. ziermann aka dorftrottel aka flegel vandersumink is also a swiss blogger.

:flash: productivity tips for avid blog readers – contains some very helpful information on how to optimize your blog/rss feedreading. [via habi /blog]

:flash: kus/starfrosch wrote to suisa re: podcasts & copyright – suisa is the swiss agency handling copyright licensing and such. starfrosch is hosting the biggest swiss podcast released under a CC license. and i go back and forth between saying: “don’t rock the boat man” and “well done sir”.


:flash: a softer world – always great but this weeks webcomic is especially sweet.

:flash: photo of your fridge – when visiting someone i love to look into their fridge. on this website i can without it being weird. oh the glorious int@web… [via b3ta newsletter]

:flash: these are the breaks part 1 – part 2 | 3 | 4. they are all there, the apaches, the scorpios, the amen brothers, the funky drummers. excellent! [via waxy/links]


:flash: – this guy makes beautiful cans and shopdrops them = leaves them in stores. [via xradio]

:flash: bricomusic – these french guys do the same with CD’s and

:flash: free words – “is a book which belongs to whoever finds it. 3000 copies have been produced by artist Sal Randolph and are being distributed free worldwide.” cool idea.

:flash: the droplift project – it says here: free speech for sale. it’s a compilation of music made from found sounds. sold as cd as well as available for free download.

stränge int@webs

:flash: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Body Workout – this is what happens when a guy who thinks hitler was cool makes a workout record. “Giff your body ovah to Aaaahnold”. Save The Overtime For Me (Gladys Knight and The Pips) [via we make money]

:flash: not God created the world, the flying spaghetti monster did – ha ha, the intelligent design debate taking a hilarious spin. [via 4rthur]

:flash: wohl lampenfieber gehabt – this might be a fake, but its hilarious nevertheless. i alos love the bloghosts motto: “Act and you shall have dinner. Think and you shall be dinner.” (Klingon Proverb)

:flash: photos of flying ninja cats – can you hear them go mmeeEEEOOOOOOOoooHHHHHHHHwww. [via 4rthur]


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