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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser this last week]

this weekend:

reitschule initiative - nein!

if you live in bern don’t forget to vote no!

spamshirt xmas special

its what i want…

:flash: – “We raised $400 american on our website and we camped out for 55 hours posing as the most hardcore xbox fanboys in canada. We were even on national news stations for our dedication. We then proceded to smash the xbox360 minutes after purchasing it with a sledgehammer.” see, it takes dedication to be a smasher. the video is on the website. [thanx tank]

:flash: turkish hacker attacks swiss messageboards – apparently in the week that followed the turkish defeat in the worldcup qualifier turkish hacker IMHOT3B hacked all these swiss messageboards… seems only fair. [via bengston]

:flash: poo & pee – the must-have toy of the year. [via al4ie]

:flash: – silly yet great website. just what it says on the tin errr in the url. [via 4rthur]

:flash: flipbook – a website dedictated to flipbooks. [via we-make-money-etc]

:flash: bush exits – oh. i know. he should have been a clown. what a career-waste. the torrent to the video.

:flash: green day – american edit – its green day’s turn to receive the remix/mashup treatment.

:flash: kate moss topless on drugs – what exactly about this video indicates that she was on drugs. well, she probably was, like who wouldn’t, but still. chill guys.

tweakfest clean up – german

:flash: tweakfest survey – pöst yür feedbäck.

:flash: Betaversion Tweakfest: Ein Festival probt die Vernetzung von Villö Huszai – selbst den übellauigsten göttern gefällt dieser artikel.

:flash: presseberichte – meine blogumne fehlte zuerst auf der liste. und nein ich lese da wirklich gar nix rein. i swear. sie ist inzwischen aber auch dort.


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