SoundOfTraffic & Democracy

Watch Internet TV with Democracy Player

the guys from participatoryculture have released the windows beta version of their vlog software democracy. formerly know as DTV, which i liked much better, Democracy got some nice features, integrates bittorrent and lets you subscribe to video channels so it almost feels like watching TV somehow. of course this is not news for us mac users 😉 na na na naa naaaaa …

Sound of Traffic

thanx to habi and this neat lil app my internet traffic is now … whats the audio version of visualised? … oh socks, “Sound of Traffic is a Java “application” which converts TCP/IP header information into midi notes via the Java Synthesizer. ” capish? its blubbering quite nicely. and i am not even downloading nothing atm. the only thing is that i now almost worry when things go quiet.

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