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now that it’s over

:flash: friday the 13th – “Strangely, there is evidence to suggest that Friday the 13th is actually unlucky. Psychologists have found that some people are especially likely to have accidents or fall ill on Friday the 13th[citation needed]. This has been attributed to such people feeling a heightened state of anxiety on that day (see nocebo effect)”


:flash: Interview with a High Warlord – interview with 3 players, who made rank 14 in WoW.

:flash: What is your real-life World of Warcraft Race and Class? – a tauren druid? no bloody way, man.

:flash: swords and sandals – perfect game for times when WoW is down. hilarious.

:flash: Berner Gesundheit | EMOXgame – a little flash game we conceived and designed for a non-smoking campaign – quite awhile ago actually, it finally made it online.

:flash: Chasm – cute point’n’click game.

the rest

:flash: Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters – adbuster now has a video blog.

:flash: Rock Band Name Origins at WHAT’S IN A NAME – as in: “THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – 60’s experimental band associated with pop artist Andy Warhol, they took their name from a paperback book they found on the street – the book was about sex in America.” [via bb]

:flash: SexyBeast – canine perfume?!? i wonder how it combines with that lovely wet dog smell?

:flash: Jobless man asks judge for jail time – this guy may have watched prison break and thought to himself, hmmm good idea.

:flash: – i had never seen this collaboration between swiss cartoonist GRRRR and rapper big zis. nice animations. [via stillalive]

:flash: JAJAH – web-activated telephony – “Insert your phone number * Insert your friends phone number * Click “CALL” ” voip site.

:flash: Abducted by aliens? Call now for compensation – “A German lawyer hopes to drum up more business by pursuing state compensation claims for people who believe they were abducted by aliens.”

:flash: danilo pasquali book1 – oh the joys of blasphemy. slightly nsfw.


:flash: – the new club in town. will it be as great as komfort?

:flash: SWITCH innovation awards 2006 – switch innovation awards 2006 was won by etoy with mission eternity. “Die Preisverleihung findet am Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2006 im Museum für Kommunikation in Bern statt.”

:flash: cleanpolitics – not only in switzerland xenophia is used to get votes in politics. we are with you bretheren in austria.

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