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when art hits the street

:flash: Project Installed at Medinat Weimar – israeli artists places images of migrant workers and asylum seekers behind sewage covers in german town og jena and the police takes it all down and cites him to the station. [via wooster]

:flash: Boston LED terror scare: a message to the media – dear U.S. media outles, please stop trying to report on things you don’t understand. the bloggers will cover the athf story from here on out – thanks”

:flash: ce n’est pas une bombe zen – the LED “bomb” webzen.

:flash: MAKE: Blog: UPDATED: Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED art shuts down Boston – “I love how CBS describes a Ignignokt made from circuit board as a “device”. Very threatening. Even if it was just something random, it sort of shows the folly of our security-obsessed world when a fictional martian can set a major city on high alert.”

:flash: Wooster Collective: Invaders’ FAQ – the original in french is here

when secondlife gets a life

:flash: Wired 15.02: A Second Life for MTV – “It used to be the last word in youth culture. Now MTV is more about reality shows than rock stars. Can a virtual world of 3-D avatars help the network get its groove back?”

:flash: Sweden to set up embassy in Second Life – “Sweden is to become the first country to establish diplomatic representation in the virtual reality world of Second Life, officials said.”

when software grows up

:flash: Adium – Download – nice. adium hits the famous 1.0 version :badger:

:flash: WHISHER – WiFi Reloaded – “It’s a software application that you install on your computer and helps you get free WiFi access all around the world. Additionally it offers a range of tools and services that will take your wireless experience to a new level.”

:flash: YouTube – Bill Gates on the Daily Show – finally! the F12 button explained!

:flash: PROTESTERS PROVIDE A NASTY “VISTA” FOR GATES – “As Bill Gates declares the ‚”Wow starts now‚” technology activists declare the launch of Vista to be an “Ow starts now,” for citizens rights.”

:flash: Devin – It’s Called WordPress – “I decided to offer my humble opinion and response in a light-hearted country tune.” [via habi]

:flash: Noobz presents: v3.03 PSP Downgrader – a downgrader for the latest version psp firmware that only works if you have the GTA:Liberty City Stories UMD? hmmm… or do i missunderstand?

when things don’t fit a distinct category

:flash: How to prank a Telemarketer – hah, next time a telemarketer calls …

:flash: Ferris – a real snake of a phrase visualised by flipflopflying.

:flash: YouTube – David Lynch speaks about 9/11 – lynch has a very considerate take on the 9/11 conspiracy theories, that made me wonder.

:flash: O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2007 • From Pixels to Plastic – this part of the conference would ofc almost make it worth it to attend the ETech this year. but the hefty pricetag says “no! not gonna happen”. still.

:flash: Why “Yahoo” Is The #1 Search Term On Google And Why Website Owners Shouldn’t Rely On Search Engines Alone – “Google Trends indicates that over the course of the past year the search term “Yahoo” became more popular than “sex”, making it the #1 query on Google. Yahoo apparently faces a similar dilemma with roles reversed: When you search for “Google” on Yahoo, Yahoo thoughtfully displays a second search box as if to tell you, “Hey cutie, you have a search engine right in front of you!””

:flash: Man bets wife in card game, loses – “A Russian man lost his wife in a game of cards after putting her up as a stake instead of cash.”

:flash: Flickr Imposes New Limits – “The official deadline isn’t until March 15th, but clearly Flickr would like to expedite the transition.”

:flash: There’s Some Mighty Pissed Off Flickr Members Right Now – flickr users reacting with passion to the announced account merge and limitations. “hey, there is a slogan I can get behind: Mcflickr! It says so much to the corporatization of a once beautiful site. ”

:flash: The Long Tail: The beginner’s guide to critiquing the Long Tail – “One of the problems with having coined a phrase that has become something of a cliche is that it invites criticism and backlash.” the long tail gets a whiping.

:flash: Twitter: What are you doing? – “A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?”

:flash: Sarkozy :”Quand je dis y’a des racailles !” – Google Video – “Clip satirique et humouristique réalisé avec trucages, avec Nicolas Sarkozy comme acteur principal !!!” [via stillalive]

:flash: bengston: free tune: Motion Unit: My Mind (2007 re-mind) – “I did a little bootleg of the classic “my mind” by motion unit.” ahhh, an old favorite nicely beefed up.

:flash: Korean developer brings Katamari Damacy online – “Katamari Damacy Online is gearing up to hit your PC by late 2007 — well, for Koreans, anyway.”

:flash: Interview with Mushon Zer-Aviv – “Mushon is a guy who never stops and makes us all feel lazy and useless.” when regine interviews mushon…

:flash: Pitchfork Feature: Top 25 Worst Album Covers of 2006 – i agree with, better to discover this late than never!

:flash: Deadly Accurate Search –> Ninja – on digg one commentator says: “1. read article about black google 2. make black google 3. submit to digg 4. …. 5. $$$ profit $$$”

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