spammed out

this morning i had 93 emails in my inbox. a grand total of 3! of these were not spam (one of the “good emails” came from a guy complaining that he could not delete my podcasts from his computer using windows explorer… but that’s beside the point), then i checked my online email accounts to remove more spam; so far for the daily routines. next as part of my weekly monday morning routine i went to my wiki and guestbook and removed 65/34 spam entries respectively.

i am not complaining here, this is not meant as a public moaning session at all. but i do realise that i am starting to get really fed up with all this. it does not even consume that much time, i got a good routine down, but it is just starting to wear me out, it gets boring, is all. the brilliant read/write possibilities of the internet, that exited me so over these past 5 years, have lost most of their glamour. i am craving a protected interactive medium, and i can’t believe to hear me say that.

over these next weeks i will close down the wiki and guestbook and add captchas to all web contact forms.

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