downgrader for PSP v. 3.50 firmware

weee. n00bz! did it again, they found a way to downgrade the latest version PSP firmware, the users will again be able to play homebrew. all it envolves is having a copy of lumines [check] and the latest version firmware 3.50 [i’m on it].

good news that. i had waited all this time to upgrade the firmware, because i didn’t want to lose my homebrew, until i finally caved in a few days ago for the excellent game crush. the PSP is now running v. 3.sumink, but sadly no homebrew. but before going for it, i discovered the following warning on the n00bz website:

Recent Sony official firmwares (3.30 onwards) have included checks that block upgrade from previously-downgraded PSPs with TA-082 or later motherboards. If you use this downgrader on such a PSP, you will lock yourself out of official firmware updates – although you will still be able to use new OE firmwares when they are released. We intend to release a tool to allow a return to official firmwares in the future.

what the hell? how on earth would that make sense? why would sony want to lock people out of future upgrades?

i have said this before, but here is is again: dear sony, you got it all wrong. you should be proud that people are writing homebrew for you console, not fight or prosecute them. it means they love this console enough to spend countless hours coding games. that’s free content and some of it has great quality.

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