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even though warren ellis over @ diepunyhumans claims, that missie w. tod is the sole reason and justification for switzerland’s existence, here are 3 sweet swiss webprojects, where you can configure your own …

CD-COVER: filewile is the world’s first laptop-streetmusic crew, performing “mouthwateringly” delicious electronic music on street corners and such. online you can download 3 of their tracks and create a cd-cover in an elegant configure-your-own flash-environment. filewile are
.. form bern/switzerland.

BAG: freitag bags are cool! truck-recycling is their trademark. their bags are made of used truck tarps, seatbelts and innertubes. now you can cut your own bag – the tarp is online. very nifty flash-toy! their website recently won BEST SWISS WEB AWARD. from zu-reich/switzerland

T-SHIRT: erfolg = success. erfolg is a small succesful fashion-label from bas-hell/switzerland. their t-shirts [and underwear! ok name this for an underwear-brand] are top-quality, materials and prints. unfortunately the possibilities for online-ordering are somewhat limited, you can pick the type of t-shirt, color and print, but their is no preview function.

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