ashes to ashes is top notch tv – lost is mostly time lost


blood hell, i am enjoying ashes to ashes so much right now. but sadly it is already in its last season. so i am already hoping that there will be a 90s version to the time travel meta series, which would only be fair after ashes to ashes covered the 80s and life on mars the 70’s. i admit, it would have trouble finding a decent david bowie song to be named after. season 3 of ashes to ashes is pure awesomeness so far. the writers seem to have so much fun, the actors as well. brilliant storylines. keep firing up the quatro, gov.

i would even go as far as to say, ahes to ashes makes my all-time-favorite tv-series list, alongside twin peaks, 6 feet under and of course life on mars. state of play also comes to mind, and wonderland. oh and firefly, obviously. and on the comedy end of things the it crowd and maybe brasseye, even if that last one wouldn’t qualify as a tv series propper. and please please don’t ask me to put these into a list now.

on the other hand lost has turned into nothing more than a chore to watch. just give us the ending already and let us bicker endlessly how none of this holds up and how so many strings remain inconclusive. just give up, there is no way it will ever all make sense.

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