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#occupy highlights (and some lowlights)

Interview with creator of Occupy Wall Street “bat-signal” projections during Brooklyn Bridge #N17 march – “Here’s a partial video of a beautiful sequence of light projections that appeared on the side of the Verizon building while tens of thousands of Occupy Wall Street participants marched across the Brooklyn Bridge tonight.” total absolute 99% highlight of the week. get #denisevega trending.

Shepard Fairey Doesn’t Get Occupy Wall St – “Recently, Shepard Fairey explained how he’s down with Occupy Wall Street and their message, but it’s hard to believe he ever bothered to understand what the movement is all about on even the most fundamental level in light of this new illustration he did to show “his support.”” yes. i have to say i agree, that obey does not get occupy. lowlight of the week.

UFO: Unidentified Flying Occupation. Tents float over UC Berkeley after cops trash encampment. – We are not allowed to pitch our tents? no problem, we will make them float … ha!

Occupy London takes over empty UBS bank – live – “Protesters open new front in anti-banking campaign They plan to use buildings as ‘Bank of Ideas’ Corporation to take St Paul’s camp to high court next week” this does feel like the next step. wish all countries had the same squatting laws as england.

Occupiers set up Occupy tent inside – “Yo, dawg, I heard you like occupations… so I pitched a tent inside your bank while you occupy the bank! ” tent turning into the symbol of the occupy movement.

the raid on zuccotti park – the police raid on liberty square set to frank sinatra’s new york new york.

Statement of Autonomy | NYC General Assembly – “We welcome all, who, in good faith, petition for a redress of grievances through non-violence. We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory as opposed to partisan debate and democracy. We welcome dissent.” I admire the egoless stance of thsi statement.

Inside Occupy Wall Street’s (Kinda) Secret Media HQ – “The revolution may never be televised, but if Occupy activists in a semi-secret media war room in New York’s Bowery district have their way, it will be livestreamed.”

Occupy Wall Street: you can’t evict an idea whose time has come | JM Smucker, Rebecca Manski, Karanja Gaçuça, Linnea M Palmer Paton, Kanene Holder, William Jesse – “It does not matter. We will reclaim our streets block by block: we will occupy our public spaces, everywhere, knowing that this idea cannot be evicted.”

Occupy Wall Street Loses Legal Bid to Rebuild in Zuccotti Park – Quinn Norton on how it all went down for occupywallstreet, temporary injunction, then overruled …

Occupy Zurich Eviction Circle 15-11-11 – “Occupiers form a circle at Occupy Zurich in face of Police Eviction. Pacific resistance in face of State Repression.”

2- Occupy Bern Bundesplatz 11.11.11 – our occupy bern efforts in video form.

Exclusive Video: Inside Police Lines at the Occupy Wall Street Eviction – “I just want to witness what is going on here,” I yelped. “You can witness it with the rest of the press,” he said. Which, of course, meant not witnessing it.”

Inside Occupy Wall Street – “How a bunch of anarchists and radicals with nothing but sleeping bags launched a nationwide movement” nice overview of the occupywallstreet movement focusing on the historical elements

Occupy With Aloha – “I sweetly sang lines like “You enforce your monopolies with guns/ While sacrificing our daughters and sons/ But certain things belong to everyone/ Your thievery has left the people none”. ”

Is Jay-Z Trying To Profit From Occupy Wall Street? – “‘Occupy All Streets’ is our way of reminding people that there is change to be made everywhere, not just on Wall Street. At this time we have not made an official commitment to monetarily support the movement.” and that’s another lowlight. of course.

#watch and

Losers – “A film about bullying.”

DJ Shadow – Scale It Back – music video using Memory Man

24 hours in Dubai – “A 24 hour timelapse of Downtown Dubai, starting at 4am local time on 11/11/11”


ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform – “Ever get frustrated that Twitter doesn’t let you simply search for your own Tweet from a year ago? ThinkUp’s got you covered.” and many more functionalities.

Marshall McLuhan ‘The Medium Is The Massage’ reissue – “‘The Medium Is The Massage’ celebrating 100 years of McLuhan‘s record of the book”

new york shots – “shots captured with disposable cameras left in new york’s lovely parks. SUPPORT THIS PROJECT – jump to my kickstarter” this so reminds me of photobots we used in the cyberhelvetia project

LEGO recycling containers by flussocreative – “‘leco’ is a system of recycling and storage containers, utilizing the look and practical design of LEGO building blocks.” these look a bit clunky but awesome.

Radiohead reveal three more King Of Limbs remixes – “After the release of the Radiohead remix vinyls and the album TKOL RMX 1234567, Radiohead reveal three more remixes from Anstam, Nathan Fake and Jamie xx.”

Switzerland Legalizing Up To 4 Marijuana Plants January 1 – “Citizens of Switzerland will soon be allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants each at home, according to government officials. Four people sharing a house can grow up to 16 plants, but only if each person tends to their own crop.”

Le Sibère Carnet de Christophe Courtois: cinéma – this guy assembled some movie posters to astonishing effect

Miranda July / It chooses You – “miranda july selling pairs of things, probably gives away her book”

Its a MIRACLE! Take that…. Jesus toast. – jesus spotted on a dogs asshole

Meanwhile, 6th And Mission – comic by wendy macnaughton compares 6th and mission with 5th and mission: “A block away. a universe away”

Nazi Bunker to Become Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant – “A former Nazi bunker located in the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg, Germany is about to get a full-scale makeover. The building, which sorta looks like a giant LEGO, is set to become Europe’s largest renewable energy power plant.” I resist … I resist … and finally can’t conatin this joke in very bad taste, Solar Heil.

Sierra Zulu | Communism is not an opinion, it is a promise! – “A ragtag UN peacekeeping force operates a small camp guarding the no-man’s-land between Austria and the tiny agrarian microstate Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, the last existing bastion of the defunct Soviet Union. When an explosion occurs deep inside Soviet territory, the team is dragged into a bizarre conspiracy of industrial espionage, media madness and political intrigue.” monochrom make a movie.

Hepatitis C: The Last Chimpanzee Research Battleground – “the one remaining exception, the ground over which the deciding scientific and ethical battles will be fought, is hepatitis C.” not in my name.

Powerbags charge your gadgets wherever, whenever – “Powerbag creates a number of different products, which are all fully equipped with a charging system, including a battery, Apple connector, micro and mini USB connectors and an on-board USB post, meaning your bag will be able to charge up to four devices at all times.” Great, now make one with included solar panels.

PleaseCycle: ‘air miles’ for cyclists – “PleaseCycle is a new London start-up that allows organisations to reward their employees for cycling instead of taking fossil fuel-guzzling transport to work.” awesome

24 hours in photos – “This installation by Erik Kessels is on show as part of an exhibition at Foam in Amsterdam that looks at the future of photography. It features print-outs of all the images uploaded to Flickr in a 24-hour period…”
Michihiro Matsuoka
“These mechanical animals are the creation of Japanese artist and sculptor Michihiro Matsuoka”

Metrics used to track tweets, Elven – “The intelligence analysts… are tasked with sifting through millions of tweets, Facebook messages, online chat logs, and other public data on the World Wide Web to glean insights into the collective moods of regions or groups abroad.”

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