i am sitting in on of those easyInternet places, where you pay according to the number of users. you pay more the more costumers are in the store at the moment.
have you ever thought about that?
seems to me this should be the other way around. the more costumers – the more cramped up the place – the slower the lines – the more tech-problems and so on. (btw same goes for the easyjet plane trips: the flights should be cheaper with more people in the plane. the kerosene is certainly cheaper per person – its more crowded – the service is worth – more baggage gets lost and and and)
but anyway, next to me, a gay man can’t decide if he should stare at me and wink or look at the pix of naked gay men’s bums on his screen.
onna sunday morning!
i must be getting desperate to feel slightly flattered by this… oh hell am i getting old!
speaking of gay men: yesterday at the paul smith store this gay man charged me only one pair of the two pairs of underwear i bought. i am still trying to decide, if he did this because he fancied me and wanted to give me a deal or because he got confused, because he fancied me, and typed in the wrong amount.
at any rate: two for one paul smith underwear? bring it on!

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