palmpixels is woonderbar

its up and running, and its woo! and whoo woould have guessed… arf arf
its THE place to get excellent b3ta-esque videoanim-content that you’ll be able to watch on your palm or other handhelds.
and soon on our smartphones, innit?
if they’d finally decide to run palmOS. [i need treo..]
and then streaming onto your smartphone via umts.
and alittle later … plugged directly into your neocortex via whatever to turn u into a walking b3ta-loonie…

featured animartists:
weebl … & bob
koit with them traffic light thingies
rathergood kitten bands

the anims run under kinoma player, which is available as a free dl here, and soon also with the more open-sourcey Mmplayer.

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