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Kunst und Revolution – in German


Noam Chomsky on Paris attacks: “If you want to end it, the first question you ask is — why did it take place?” – “If on the other hand you want to increase the attacks,” Chomsky said, “let’s bomb them more”

Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics – “Almost 20,000 prescriptions for risperidone (commonly known as Risperdal), quetiapine (Seroquel) and other antipsychotic medications were written in 2014 for children 2 and younger, a 50 percent jump from 13,000 just one year before, according to the prescription data company IMS Health. Prescriptions for the antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac) rose 23 percent in one year for that age group, to about 83,000.”

Schedule 32. Chaos Communication Congress – “Schedule 32. Chaos Communication Congress”

Naomi Klein: Sane Climate Policies Are Being Undermined by Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals – “Companies like Exxon and Shell are using these deals to create new markets for fossil fuels. See the problem?”

Hundreds take part in protest performance at Paris’ Louvre Museum over oil sponsorship – “Ten arrested inside Louvre Museum at unsanctioned performance action – Hundreds surround the Louvre’s iconic pyramid in Paris in protest at oil sponsorship of museum – Performance marks the first international collaboration of growing movement to liberate museums and cultural institutions from ties to fossil fuels – #FossilFreeCulture”

Speak Up & Stay Safe(r): | A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment – “Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t have time to read the whole thing? Start with these three steps: Set up two step verification Create unique, complex passwords Remove potential doxxing information”

Exposed: Academics-for-hire agree not to disclose fossil fuel funding – “A Greenpeace undercover investigation has exposed how fossil fuel companies can secretly pay academics at leading American universities to write research that sows doubt about climate science and promotes the companies’ commercial interests. Posing as representatives of oil and coal companies, reporters from Greenpeace UK asked academics from Princeton and Penn State to write papers promoting the benefits of CO2 and the use of coal in developing countries.”

Paris Plastered With Wanted Posters For ‘Climate Criminals’ – mkay

Le tuto des autoroutes (végétales) pour les insectes

Cauchemars et facéties – spécial 29nov – “Il y a 12 jours, lundimatin initiait un appel à manifester, malgré l’état d’urgence, le dimanche 29 novembre, au départ de la place la République à Paris. Cet appel fut notamment relayé par Libération, Mediapart, et signé par près de 5000 personnes. L’Assemblée parisienne contre la COP 21 avait de son côté appelé à se rassembler dès midi. Plusieurs milliers de personnes ont répondu à ces appels en se rassemblant place de la République.”

Human Brains are Wired to Blame Rather Than Praise – “Psychologists have long concluded that people tend to judge others more harshly for their negative actions—assigning fault and blame more often than praise or accolades. Now we know why. New research shows the human brain is wired to react more emotionally to the bad things people do. That’s why we tend to assign blame much faster than we give compliments. It turns out that the labels of blame and praise are processed in different parts of the brain, by different mechanisms. While blame is assigned from a very emotional place, praise comes from a more logical spot. The end result? People are more likely to assume that the good acts of others are simply happenstance, but bad things are done on purpose.”


Terror in Europa: Seit 20 Jahren immer weniger Anschläge – “Weltweit gab es seit 1970 über 141’000 Terroranschläge. In der Schweiz ist seit 20 Jahren niemand mehr einem Attentat zum Opfer gefallen. Doch in den 70er- bis 90er-Jahren ermordeten Terrorgruppen teils Hunderte Menschen jährlich in Westeuropa. Eine Übersicht von 1970 bis Paris 2015.”

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