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A Letter to My Allies on the Left – “We are facing a radical right that has abandoned all interest in truth and fact. We face not only their specific policies, but a kind of cultural decay that comes from not valuing truth, not trying to understand the complexities and nuances of our situation, and not making empathy a force with which to act. To oppose them requires us to be different from them, and that begins with both empathy and intelligence, which are not as separate as we have often been told.”

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IN THE ROBOT SKIES TEASER – “A drone Love Story”

Stevie Wonder on Keys of Life – “If God didn‘t want me to sing it, he wouldn‘t have given me the talent to do it”

Planet Unknown – “At the end of 21st century, mankind were facing global resource depletion. Space Rovers were sent out to find potential inhabitable planets.”

Trump vs. Hillary: Debate Battle Rap – “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to spit fire at tonight’s debate.”


The shit that needs a fan – “Just goes to show that shit happens.”

Death and MetaFilter – “But I didn’t know I’d be dealing with people dying.”

I Am Lucky to Have a Syrian Passport – “What is this world punishing us for? Don’t you think that all borders should be opened specifically for us, Syrians, with a word of apology?”

Apple Logs Your iMessage Contacts — and May Share Them With Police – “your blue-bubbled texts do leave behind a log of which phone numbers you are poised to contact and shares this (and other potentially sensitive metadata) with law enforcement when compelled by court order.”

Bruce Charles ‘Bill’ Mollison 1928-2016 – “a true pioneer who gave up a promising academic career to challenge the status quo and establish the global Permaculture movement.”

Germany orders Facebook to stop sharing and delete WhatsApp user data – “The user must decide if they want to connect their account with Facebook.””

First recording of computer-generated music – created by Alan Turing – restored – “Researchers restore 1951 recording generated on machine built by computer scientist famous for breaking Enigma code”

Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition – “Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played.”

Hosting Provider OVH Hit by 1 Tbps DDoS Attack – “OVH, one of the world’s largest hosting companies, reported on Thursday that its systems were hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that reached nearly one terabit per second”

Indian man bitten by python whilst posing for selfie – “The victim, Ashok Bishnoi, accepted the incident happened due to carelessness on his part.”

Cryptpad: Zero Knowledge, Collaborative Real Time Editing – “CryptPad is the zero knowledge realtime collaborative editor. Encryption carried out in your web browser protects the data from the server, the cloud, and the NSA.”

Google Feud – “How does Google autocomplete this query?”

ISIS hacker gets 20 years for giving terrorists US military kill list – “We’re “passing on your personal information to the soldiers of the khilafah.””


Koch-Areal Service: Artikel Generator – “Koch-Areal Service: Artikel-Generator für Journalist*innen und Polizeireporter”

Michel Houellebecq: Muff als Gesetz – “Dabei sind Potenzprobleme doch kein Weltuntergang, liebe Männerkinder! Potenzprobleme sind ab einem gewissen Alter ganz normal. Sie sind ein guter Romanstoff, aber doch kein Grund, Moscheen anzuzünden.”

Wie die feministische Antwort auf rechte Männerbünde das Patriarchat beerdigt – “So fordert die Burschenschaft Hysteria zum Beispiel die Verlegung der Sphäre des Mannes in den privaten Bereich, forciert die weltweite Angleichung der Zyklen, die Einschränkung des Männerwahlrechts—vor allem auch in Hinsicht auf die Tatsache, dass Männer eher dazu neigen, rechts zu wählen—, und eine Amputation der Hoden bei heterosexuellem Geschlechtsverkehr, bei dem der Mann die Frau nicht zum Höhepunkt bringt”

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