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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

schmooze and abuze

:flash: freshly mixed – “freshlymixed is free now, tell your friends” [via bengston]

:flash: Netscape Browser to Die a Quiet Death in February 2008 – R.I.P.

:flash: Tiling – desktop. outch, i get dizzy. [via sis]

:flash: Negativland Videos – “Twenty-seven years of the group’s “greatest hits” have become all-new moving pictures in this amazing, years-in-the-making package.”

:flash: Online games battle for top spot – “Challenges to the dominance of World of Warcraft over online games and gamers look set to emerge in 2008.” i predict WoW has another half year, but then mass exodus.

:flash: scotch_mist – “As you may now have heard we will be broadcasting a pre-recording of some songs and other bits on New Years Eve… you will be able to view it online from here at midnight new years eve, uk time that is…” radiohead provides the soundtrack for those deciding to stay home on news years eve.

:flash: Darwin Evolution – darwin’s evolution theory explained southpark style.

:flash: Only in Portland: Move by Bike! – with our upcoming move this is sort of funny, people moving house by bike in portland.

:flash: Geschenke öffnen Kinder – when presents open kids. LoL

:flash: Anarchist Action Figure – “The Anarchist Action Figure a completely hand-made doll. Packard did everything from the sculpting and painting of the head, hands, and accessories to the sewing of the clothing.”

:flash: Simpsons Osx Wallpaper Homer Desktop – “simpsons osx wallpaper homer desktop aqua”

:flash: Queen Elizabeth Launches on YouTube – “She has always been aware of reaching more people and adapting the communication to suit.” YouQueen.

swiss/german focus

:flash: De:Bug » De:Bug PDFs – “Hier gib es die alten Ausgaben der De:Bug als PDF, soweit wir sie haben (ab März 2001, aka De:Bug 45).” nice! weil ich habe gerade alle meine alten exemplare entsorgt. [via nick]

:flash: Internet: “Ich blogge, also bin ich” – “Es ist richtig, dass das Internet die Frage nach Autorität und Macht auf neue Weise stellt.” [via nick]

:flash: Riad Menasria – “Die Vertragsverhandlungen für einen neuen Ein-Jahresvertrag sind gescheitert. … Wichtig ist mir dabei zu betonen, dass es nicht nur um finanzielle Angelegenheiten oder den vielfach genannten EM-Kampf, sondern auch sportliche Aspekte ging.” Boxing Day war ein witz dieses jahr. und hier ist die andere seite des riad konflikts. der beste boxer in bern ohne vertrag? sad. [thx f.]

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